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Bejuco Ocean Views

TRANQUIL OCEAN VIEWS-  Bejuco, Nandayure

Total of 11.5 hectares = 28.5 acres

#1 - 9,728 m2 = 104,711 sq. feet
#2 - 14,460 m2 = 155,646 sq. feet
#3 - 14,465 m2 = 155,699 sq. feet
#4 - 80,000 m2 = 861,122 sq. feet

These four adjacent properties are in a very tranquil location just past Pueblo Nuevo, behind Playa Bejuco.  Here you get the ocean views and the jungle experience. There are 3 smaller parcels, set back from the main road surrounded by seasonal rivers and springs. Above the smaller lots is an 8 hectare piece which connects the lower properties to the public road on the other side. If all 4 parcels are bought together, the property has two accesses. This location offers panoramic ocean and mountain views, with plenty of space for your dream project.

Price(s) negociable

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