The Purchasing Process

Buying property in Costa Rica can be confusing. My experience and local knowledge make it easier for you. From pre-sale due diligence to developing or caring for your property, I will walk you through every step. Please read the following guidelines to familiarize yourself with the purchasing process in Costa Rica:

  •        A portfolio of listings that I represent is presented. Each property has been previously analyzed, with a general title search in the National Registry.

  •       Clients view listings and discuss vision of their investment in Costa Rica. Together we decide which properties interest client and sites are visited while getting to know more of the local area.

  •       If client decides to purchase, they make an offer which I then help to negotiate until an agreement is made.

  •       After I complete my initial due diligence and an offer is made, buyer hires an attorney as legal representation and to perform further legalities of the sale.

  •       Lawyer writes up a Purchase and Sales Agreement which can then be negotiated between buyer, seller, realtors and their legal representatives.

  •       Purchase and Sales contract is then signed and a deposit is made.

  •       Attorneys then carry out further due diligence of property and corporation if needed. Buyer hires topographer to confirm location and boundaries.

  •       Once due diligence is completed and all parties are in agreement, a closing date is scheduled and closing attorney transfers the deeds and confirms final payment.

  •       All documentation is filed at Public Registry and the Registry issues new title for property.

  •       Buyer contacts local municipality to modify property registry and update contact and tax information. 


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